Sneak Preview of 70 Rainey’s Luxe Landscape Design (RENDERINGS)

November 29, 2016 by Laurie Lyons

The developers of 70 Rainey Street, Sackman Enterprises, just revealed one of the features that will make this condo project one of the most unique and interesting in Austin. This 34-story luxury condo development will rise high into the Austin skyline in the Rainey area, with special landscaping features that will hang nearly 100 feet above some of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants.

The amenity deck is made up of 20,000 square feet of outdoor space, designed to be an “urban reflection of the outdoor lifestyle Austinites hold dear. This will truly be a park in the sky,” C.J. Sackman, managing director for the project, said in a press release.

70 Rainey rendering

The deck sits atop the building’s landscaped garage podium and will feature an array of amenities that will make residents feel like they’re on vacation without ever having to leave home. Amenities include: a vanishing-edge infinity pool, secluded plunge pool and waterfall, experiential sundeck, yoga deck, fire pit, outdoor lounge with kitchen, spacious herb garden, 600 square-foot dog park with washing/grooming station, meandering walkways, and multiple seating areas.


The design of the space was created by landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm Design Workshop, whose global operations include offices in Houston and Austin.

“Designing landscape space in the air is complicated, logistically, especially when you’re addressing such a large area,” said Philip Koske of Design Workshop. “We went through a lot of iterations. C.J. wants the space to feel garden-like and immersive, and he is committed to an astounding array of amenities.”


The space meant to elicit both a sense of zen and a sense of privacy with additional features such as garden alcoves, private nooks and meandering walkways nestled among the lush greenery. Design Workshop’s design is intended to give owners and their guests the feel of a backyard in which to relax and recharge. It incorporates evergreens, flowering areas, perennial spaces, cactus and other xeriscape plants, a bamboo run on the east side of the building, an herb garden, and climbing vines.


It’s also a space that those from Louisiana (or cajuns at heart) should really love. Koske says that the outdoor spaces will be reminiscent of New Orleans, constantly growing and changing with the seasons and blending the building’s architecture with its gardens. So basically the perfect place to sit with a plate of beignets and cup of chicory coffee to enjoy the start of your day.

“We were not interested in haphazardly packing the deck with as many amenities as possible,” said Sackman. “This deck was not designed simply to check boxes. We sought to create settings that inspired unique experiences.”


Developed by Sackman Enterprises, 70 Rainey was designed by Page Architects, with interior design by renowned architect Mark Zeff. The 164-unit tower is currently under construction, with the site clearing and foundations phase of the project recently completed. For more information, visit the 70 Rainey Street website.



(images courtesy of Sackman Enterprises / Design Workshop)

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Written by Laurie Lyons