The Foundry Mixed-Use Coming To The East Side (RENDERINGS)

April 21, 2016 by Laurie Lyons

East Austin will soon be adding another mixed use space to its quickly changing ecosystem, as the Austin City Council recently approved a plan for The Foundry from Cielo Property Group. The new space will include 75,369 square feet of office space and 18 residential units on the lot where the Habitat for Humanity ReStore used to stand at 310 Comal Street.

The former ReStore building will be razed to make way for The Foundry.

From the Cielo Properties website: “Foundry is a vehicle for inspiring innovation and creativity. The design team adopted a progressive approach to office design, crafting spaces rich with amenities and opportunities for chance meetings and social interaction. As a result, the project pushes the boundaries of traditional “creative” office space to deliver a new kind of integrated environment where people can live, work, and play.”

Renderings of the property illustrate just how innovative the design concept is, as most of the office space appears to be very open and more conducive to team collaboration and opportunities to get out from behind the desk, rather than focused, quiet work alone in an office. Naturally, that makes this a great space for the startup culture that Austin has cultivated over the last few years. We expect to see at least one ping pong table in the space when it opens.

Cielo Propery Group / Sixthriver Architects

Other features of the building, designed by Sixthriver Architects, include exposed concrete, reclaimed wood, brick, and steel from the original Driskill Hotel Laundry Facility, indoor and outdoor spaces that allow people to easily connect to nature during their workday, and features that emphasize sustainability and a light carbon footprint.

Cielo Propery Group / Sixthriver Architects

The property will also be home to 18 housing units. 17 of those units will be market-value condos for sale. One of the units, a nearly 1,500 square foot family-sized unit, will be given to Habitat for Humanity to sell as part of their deal with the original owners.

Cielo Propery Group / Sixthriver Architects

The Foundry’s size makes it fall under the city’s density bonus program, according to the Austin Business Journal. This program requires all new developments that exceed density limits to either include affordable housing units on the property or pay a fee to the city which is then used on affordable housing programs. The fee is $10 per additional square foot of development, and Cielo has opted to up that to $11, paying $93,192 to the city.  

Cielo Propery Group / Sixthriver Architects
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Written by Laurie Lyons