Central Library and 2nd Street Bridge Coming Together (PHOTOS)

March 4, 2015 by Editor

The tower cranes visible along Cesar Chavez are not just for the Seaholm and Green Water redevelopment sites. Between the two sites are a couple of projects that will also have a major impact on downtown Austin.

The New Central Library is rising just east of the Seaholm power plant redevelopment site. According to the city, we should soon see the “skin” of the building being installed on the exterior of the concrete structure.

The library is scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2016, with the grand opening later that year. Below is a photo showing the construction progress as of early March 2015:

Austin New Central Library construction
The concrete structure of the New Central Library is steadily rising. (City of Austin)

Next to the New Central Library, the 2nd Street Bridge spanning Shoal Creek is also coming together. This bridge will extend the existing 2nd street westward and connect all of the new redevelopment sites with the rest of downtown. Click here to see our original post about the bridge with renderings. Below is a photo showing the construction progress as of early March 2015:

2nd Street Bridge construction
The 2nd Street Bridge spans Shoal Creek (City of Austin)

Have you been following the progress around the Seaholm area? Leave your comments below and let us know your favorite part of the redevelopment projects.

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