ABIA Construction Update

October 17, 2014 by Kate Harrington

It’s been about a year since a series of projects that will expand and improve the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) broke ground. BuildingATX took a glimpse at some of the latest milestones in that work.

One of the biggest components of the current ABIA construction projects is the Terminal East Infill Project, which will connect the ticket lobby with the concourse and will feature a new 10-lane security checkpoint. The Terminal East Infill will also feature a newly updated customs area. The $62 million project will add approximately 55,000 square feet to the terminal and will renovate approximately 17,000 existing square feet.

The construction tour video from August (embedded below) shows some of the latest work on that project. Design-build team Hensel Phelps and Austin design firm PSP (PageSoutherlandPage) are taking on the construction of the Terminal East Infill.


As of August, the City reported that the airport’s new Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC) is 50 percent completed and is still on track for “substantial completion” in mid-2015. The $155-million project will provide 1,800 rental car spaces to rental car companies in one central location, improving service for customers. According to City updates, the pedestrian connection has been made to CONRAC’s customer service center from the current parking garage. Work is also underway on a connection between the two buildings where cars and shuttles will drop off and pick up, and the quick turnaround area. Austin Commercial and DeMattei Wong Architecture (DWA) make up the design-build team.

Work is also moving forward on improved airport bus stops, part of what the City says is “the airport’s commitment to better connectivity within the campus for metro riders, walkers, and bicyclists, including a network of pathways and sidewalks currently in design.”

Taxiway A work has also begun, and is expected to be complete in early 2015. That $9 million project will add a 75-foot wide concrete taxiway, as well as a 30-foot wide shoulder and other additions like taxiway lights and guidance signs. When complete, the new taxiway will join existing Taxiway B as a full length parallel taxiway, providing multiple access points to the east runway. This will allow air traffic control more options in handling high-density traffic.

And still to come, a $240 million terminal gate and apron expansion will be added to the eastern end of the existing terminal facility with a proposed completion in fall 2017.

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Written by Kate Harrington

Kate is a former reporter, most recently for the Austin Business Journal, where she covered real estate, economic development and transportation. Since 2010 she has been running Thumbtack Communications. Thumbtack provides writing, editing and marketing services. Before moving to Austin in 2002 Kate lived in her native New England, which she still visits often to escape the Texas heat.