BuildingATX EXCLUSIVE: City Council District Map and Rumored Candidate List

March 27, 2014 by BuildingATX Staff

In fall of 2012 Austin voters approved a plan to change the city council from seven at-large members and a mayor to 10 district representatives and a citywide mayor. The new districts each have roughly 80,000 people, and have been designed in compliance with the Voting Rights Act. The first election of the new 11-member council will take place in November 2014.

Although it seems certain that a district-based system will change city politics, it’s not clear what those changes will look like. Neighborhoods, particularly those closer to the center of Austin, have traditionally had an influence. Now other, more distant, Austin neighborhoods will also have their voices heard. supporting advertiser and Austin development heavyweight BIG RED DOG Engineering and Consulting put together this City Council District Map and list of rumored and potential candidates for our readers at

Download a PDF copy of the Austin City Council District Map with Candidates here.

Those interested in the process can utilize this map an easy resource to reference as Austin elects it’s first City Council single member districts. The list of candidates can also be found on the Austin Chronicle website.

City of Austin Council District Map and Candidates

Candidates cannot officially file until July 21, 2014. However they can being fundraising May 8, 2014, which is right around the corner. Election day will be November 4, 2014, with early voting occurring between October 20th and 31st.

Stay tuned to for future updates on the City Council elections. What do you think of our new election districts? What do you predict for the future of new projects in Austin as a result of 10-1?

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Written by BuildingATX Staff