Improvements Taking Off At ABIA

November 16, 2013 by Sean Shapiro

While flights come in and out Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA), construction has been taking off to help better serve Austin residents and the millions of visitors that come to Central Texas each year.

In a response to added use and to avoid potential overcrowding, the new improvements are expected to make life easier and help streamline the process for passengers to get through security and to their flight.

The first thing many passengers will notice once the projects are completed will be the new parking infrastructure. A $4.7 million project is underway to improve the cell phone lot and curbside parking, and a new road is also being added to help ease access when picking up and dropping off passengers.

ABIA is getting a new Consolidated Rental Car Facility in 2015. (Pfeffer Development)

Another ongoing project right now is the new Consolidated Rental Car Facility. The $155-million project will provide 1,800 rental car spaces to rental car companies in one central location, improving service for customers. It is set to open in the fall of 2015.

While the parking improvements will make arriving at the airport easier, the improvements in the East Terminal may have the biggest effect on passengers.

The Terminal East Infill Project will connect the ticket lobby with the concourse and will feature a new 10-lane security checkpoint. It will also feature a new, updated to recent standards customs area – something Austin has needed as it grows as an international destination.

“What this really reflects is the growth of Austin. We’re building out here to try to keep up with Austin’s current and future needs,” ABIA spokesman Jim Halbrook told KVUE in a recent interview.

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Written by Sean Shapiro